Leafy greens

Integrated Pest Management & Protection for Leafy Green Crops - Management of Diseases, Insects and more.

With data from over 1500 trials, ProFarm develops biological pesticides that are safe for workers, consumers, and the environment. We have pioneered techniques to provide uniquely powerful crop protection for grapes. From field to greenhouse, our award-winning biopesticides control insects, mites and disease, safely and sustainably, with great return on investment.

Downy Mildew Stargus
Powdery Mildew Regalia
Botrytis Regalia
Anthracnose Regalia
Aphids Grandevo & Venerate
Armyworms Grandevo & Venerate
White Flies Grandevo & Venerate
Mites Grandevo & Venerate


White plastic container with Jet-Ag label. The product is effective against a variety of diseases, including fungi, bacteria and algae.


Jet-Ag® Fungicide, Bactericide, Algaecide for Agricultural Uses

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Image of Venerate bioinsecticide white bottle

Venerate® XC

Venerate XC to control aphids, leafhopper, lygus, stink bug, thrips & more

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Majestene® Bionematicide Offers Season-long Nematode Control

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Grandevo bioinsecticide

Grandevo® WDG

Grandevo® WDG Bioinsecticide for Modern Pest Management

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Stargus bioinsecticide


Stargus® Biofungicide - Treat and Control Downy Mildew and Botrytis

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Regalia, a staple in IPM programs, is used preventatively for powdery mildew, blight, Anthracnose and other bacterial diseases.

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