Jet-Oxide® 15%

Kill the Coronavirus with Jet-Oxide Industrial Sanitizer

Protect your employees and business from coronavirus and prevent the spread of coronavirus with Jet Oxide 15%. Jet Oxide 15% is an industrial sanitizer approved by the EPA for (industrial) surface sanitizing. It is distinctly for agricultural industry use only, specifically as a post-harvest sanitizer and industrial disinfectant product. Jet-Oxide® 15% is not approved for consumer use or use as a hand-sanitizer.

Jet Oxide is used in post-harvest packing house sanitation, field equipment sanitation, industrial use, processed fruits and vegetables, food and beverage sanitation.

Jet-Oxide® 15% Industrial Sanitizer

A fast acting, easy-to-use post-harvest peroxyacetic acid (PAA) sanitizer and industrial disinfectant that is used for industrial hard surfaces, post-harvest, unprocessed fruit and vegetable surfaces, irrigation water systems, and sewage and wastewater treatment plants. See detailed usage list below.

Jet-Oxide 15% has efficacy against E. coli, salmonela, listeria and Human Coronavirus Strain 229E.

USE ON INDUSTRIAL HARD SURFACES FOR HUMAN CORONAVIRUS: The EPA approved using Jet-Oxide 15% on industrial hard surfaces for Human Coronavirus and recommends using Jet-Oxide 15% at 1300 ppm (or 0.13% concentration) of active ingredient – which is about one fluid ounce of Jet Oxide 15% mixed in one gallon of water, with at least one minute of exposure. Marrone Bio Innovations also recommends the use of a foamer.

EPA approval and recommendation can be found at the following link: Jet-Oxide 15% (EPA # 54289-4-81803) is a supplemental registration of PERACLEAN® 15 (EPA #54289-4).

ORGANIC: Jet-Oxide® 15% has WSDA certification and has been verified to comply with the USDA National Organic Standards.

As the product biodegrades, all compounds used in Jet-Oxide 15% are environmentally friendly.

USES: Institutional/Industrial Sanitizing of Previously Cleaned Non-Porous Food Contact Surfaces in: Dairies, Wineries, Breweries, Food and Beverage Plants, Disinfecting Poultry Premises, Poultry Hatcheries, Animal Housing Facilities, Reverse Osmosis Membranes and Ultra Filtration

Hard Surface Disinfection in: Hospitals, Health Care Facilities, Schools, Colleges, Veterinary Clinics, Animal Life Science Laboratories, Industrial Facilities, Office Buildings, Recreational Facilities, Retail and Wholesale Establishments

Bacteria, Fungi, and Slime Control in: Pulp and Paper Mill Systems, Dispersed Pigments, Cooling Water Systems, Coatings Preservation

White plastic bottle with Jet Oxide 5% label. The product is effective against a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

APPLICATION: Fresh sanitizing solutions should be prepared at least daily. Prepared solution may not be used for subsequent sanitizing. Recommended use on pre-cleaned surfaces. Effective as a sanitizer when solution is prepared in water of up to 400 ppm hardness as a CACO3. This product has demonstrated greater than a 99.999% reduction of survivors after a 30-second exposure period in the AOAC Germicidal and Detergent Sanitizing Action of Disinfectants study. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL INSTRUCTIONS.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hydrogen Peroxide 22.0% Peroxyacetic Acid 15.0%

Discover the Advantages of Jet-Oxide® 15% Industrial Sanitizer Over Chlorine:

  • Easier to use because there is no mixing for pH control
  • Jet-Oxide breaks down carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water
  • Chlorine has many carcinogenic formations upon breakdown and is not as environmentally safe
  • Jet-Oxide is not corrosive to stainless steel
  • Jet-Oxide aids in reducing or not aiding mineral scale formation
  • Jet-Oxide efficacy increases in hot water, is an effective biofilm remover and degrades to carbon, oxygen, water
  • 4. Chlorine requires an additional rinse while Jet-Oxide does not, helping to conserve water and reduce labor

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